The full-service provider for successful real estate development

Can places be better…?

We ask this question almost daily!

As internationally experienced project developers, we offer innovative and holistic solutions combined with a hands-on mentality and in-depth expertise in residential, office, hotel and industrial construction.

For us, ownership is not just a status in the land register, but is actively practiced by us on a daily basis.

Our comprehensive activities range from land acquisition, project development and  construction to completion, commissioning and utilization.

As a Full-Service-Provider, we are capable to ask the right questions, to set the right priorities and efficiently implement them at the right stage.

From Idea to Reality

As fee developers, we pursue an ‘All-In Strategy’ – we take a fully integrative approach to projects. Together with our clients, we work out the critical issues, which we then develop further and ultimately implement.

We are happy to invest time and money

We are also prepared to take risks. In many of our own projects, we have already been able to prove that taking on core tasks makes the difference, especially in central ownership tasks such as land acquisition and project development.

This allows us to take a holistic approach to the project and make it as efficient as possible. We know that the utimate ten percent of optimization usually make the difference.

We rely on our extensive network in Central and Eastern Europe

Our local expertise covers Austria, Hungary, Germany, and the CEE region.

Our tightly-knit network of long-standing, highly professional business partners helps us complete projects to the highest standards and within the shortest possible timeframe.

The Team

Christian Almesberger

Christian Almesberger

If you think of one thing, Christian has already done it for you. After his first academic education as a civil engineer, he gained extensive experience in international construction projects. He then started his  real estate career as developer at a stock-listed real estate investor. During this time, he also successfully completed his Master’s degree in Real Estate Management & Valuation at the Vienna University of Technology. Even in his later role as managing director at a private real estate developer and now as an entrepreneur, he is convinced that the key to success lies in committed and consistent implementation.

Gerald Sonnleitner

Gerald Sonnleitner

As a child, he wanted to be an inventor. Later, he pursued a degree in architecture at Vienna University of Technology and holds an MBA from Vienna University of Economics and the Carlson School of Management/University of Minnesota. Gerald also holds a license as property developer and management consultant. After almost two decades as real estate project developer with engagements in Germany and CEE, he has returned to Vienna and Lower Austria in recent years. However the three big B’s – Berlin, Budapest and Bratislava – will always remain his second home. Rethinking places and connecting people are among his great passions.

Benedikt Zankel

Benedikt Zankel

Mobility is his motto and trademark. At the age of 23, after completing his business administration studies, he was seized by wanderlust and went abroad. He stayed there for 11 years, working in many different countries. Heavy industry was a constant companion throughout his life. After stops in the USA, France, Germany and Greece, the Middle East was finally on the agenda. A steelworks was built there and since then, building construction and real estate have been his new passion. He returned to Austria in 2014 and now works in the real estate sector, focusing on refurbishment, hotels and industry.

Imre Farkas

Imre Farkas

He grew up in one of Hungary’s most beautiful landscapes near Lake Balaton. After studying food science and economics in Budapest, he gained his first professional experience in Austria in a multinational environment, where he not only learned to ski perfectly, but also learned the real estate business from skratch working for a large retailer as expansion manager. In 2008, he took his chance to start over and apply his abundant experience back in his home marked. As a proven location developer, he is convinced that Balaton, with its location between the major cities of Budapest and Vienna, will develop into a leisure region of European dimensions.


In-house projects

Orasteig, 1210 Vienna

A residential construction project is emerging on Orasteig, in close proximity to the town center of Stammersdorf. With charming wine taverns and regular events, you are right in the heart of the action in the Stammersdorfer Kellergasse.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy the natural side of Vienna directly along the undeveloped green belt of the city. The Marchfeldkanal, Bisamberg, and the newly created Vienna Woods East are in close proximity.

Donaufelder straße 95, 1210 Vienna

The residential complex on Donaufelderstraße consists of two buildings with a total of 50 residential units. It has been awarded the sustainability certificate as 'climate-active.'

The project stands out for its central location near the Old Danube. It was developed in collaboration with the Haring Group and has since been sold to the Erste Immobilien KAG.

Am Damm, 2230 Gänserndorf

This project was planned as part of an urban development project in
collaboration with the municipality of Gänserndorf. The aim is to revitalize,
strengthen, and provide public space.

Paradisgasse 11, 1190 Vienna

This exclusive project stands in a popular location in the heart of the 19th district. 15 condominiums create a unique private atmosphere. And with a pool area and rooftop terrace, it is a place to live and feel comfortable. This project has been awarded the sustainability certificate ‘climate-active’.

Grand Central - Schlosshofer Strasse 17, 1210 Vienna

The Grand Central offers an expansive office space spanning 12,000 m², along with practical parking solutions for visitors, including 80 car spaces and around 150 bicycle racks.

The project's commitment to sustainability is evident in its low CO2 footprint, thanks to the innovative wood-hybrid construction. Moreover, repurposing former parking spaces further enhances its environmentally-friendly impact by preventing the need to seal new areas.

Management Projects

QBC 1, 2, 7, 1100 Vienna

The Quartier Belvedere Central (QBC) is a business location just a stroll away from Vienna's city center, situated between the Vienna Main Station, Schweizergarten, Upper Belvedere, and Upper Wieden. As part of a joint venture between S IMMO AG and UBM, we represent the interests of S IMMO AG in this project.

Essence Garden - Vaci UT 1138, Budapest

The Essence Garden project is located at Vaci UT 113, the most popular business street in Budapest. The area offers approximately 9,000 m² of building land for office and commercial use, with an achievable above-ground gross floor area of up to 38,000 m². We are developing this project as a Full-Service Provider for S IMMO AG.

Press / Links

Closing QBC

Closing QBC

UBM und S IMMO übergeben Wiener Büroimmobilie QBC 1&2&7 - Erfolgreiches Closing des EUR 230 Mio. Großprojekts Im Jahr 2010 vor über zehn Jahren begann die S IMMO gemeinsam mit UBM (damals noch Porr Solutions) und der Erste Group Immorent sich am Hauptbahnhof...

ORCA expandiert nach Ungarn

ORCA expandiert nach Ungarn

Wien, 28.06.2021 – Die ORCA Group setzt ihren Erfolgskurs konsequent fort. Bereits ein Jahr nach ihrer Gründung werden die Aktivitäten in Ungarn aufgenommen.

Verkauf Donaufelderstraße 95

Verkauf Donaufelderstraße 95

Wien, 04.11.2020 – Die Erste Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft erwirbt das Entwicklungsprojekt Donaufelder Straße 95. Mit der Errichtung der aus zwei Gebäuden bestehenden Wohnhausanlage wurde bereits begonnen, die Fertigstellung ist Ende 2022 geplant.